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Embed Group Chat on your website with Dead Simple Chat

How to Embed Group Chat?

Embedding Group Chat on your website is very easy.

If you don't already have an account signup for a free account by clicking the Get Started


After you have created the account, follow the step by step process below:

  1. Login to the dashboard

  2. Click on the Chatroom Settings -> Embed Info tab

    Embed Group Chat| Dead Simple ChatEmbed Group Chat| Dead Simple Chat
  3. Adjust the width and height of the chatroom as desiredEmbed Group Chat| Dead Simple Chat

  4. To Embed on Wix, Wordpress or any other CMS just Click on the add HTML button and paste the code.

  5. If you have static website just paste the iFrame code on HTML

If you have any other questions, call us at (833) 859-4245 U.S/Canada Toll Free or +1 (647) 812-7292 international or email us

Download Chat history.

The admin can download the chat history from any chatroom.

Ban Bad words.

Use our list of pre-defined bad words OR You can create custom Bad words and ban them from being used in a chatroom.

Chat Platform APIs

We have APIs for all the major functionalities in chat including Moderation, creating chat rooms, Ban and kick users etc. We have extensive API documentation as well.

Ability to Add Custom CSS

We offer the ability to add custom CSS to your chatroom, and this allows for endless customization of the chatroom's interface and allows you to edit the chatbox size, colour, theme, background, show and hide chatbox elements etc.

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