How to add Chat to Squarespace
Add Chat to Squarespace

How to add Chat to Squarespace

Dead Simple Chat Team

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Dead Simple Chat offers prebuilt Chat that can be added in minutes to any app or website. Can be completely customized and offers powerful API and SDK.

In this article we will learn about how to add Group Chat to your Squarespace website

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a CMS to build your websites and is focused on growing your online business

Squarespace has a lot of templates to easily build website and in no time without needing a developer

It has solutions for building websites for events, blogging, portfolios and also has listed some award-winning templates that you choose from.

You can also hire an expert that can build a website for you as well

New to DeadSimpleChat? It's a turn key chat that you can easily add to your website or App —without any complicated code. For Virtual / Live events, SaaS App, Social Platform, Education, Gaming, Finance  Sign Up for Free

What is Group Chat ?

Group Chat is a chat where people can talk in a group with each other and with the event organizer as well.

Group Chats are mainly used for community building, live and virtual events and live streaming

You  can easily add group chat to your website. It is great for

  1. Increasing Audience engagement
  2. Getting Feedback
  3. Gauging the mood of the event participants
  4. Asking post event survey questions
  5. Conducting Q&A sessions

DeadSimpleChat is a Group Chat solution that is tailored for your needs. It is specifically built for community building, live and virtual events and live streaming

Here are some of the features of DeadSimpleChat

  1. Fully Customizable chat
  2. Easily add / Embed on any website or next to a video stream
  3. Up to 10 million online concurrent users
  4. File sharing
  5. Image Sharing
  6. Moderation
  7. Create Multiple Moderators
  8. Ban participants
  9. Delete messages
  10. Translate into multiple languages
  11. Group Chat
  12. 1-1 chat
  13. Channels sub-rooms for specific topics
  14. Write Custom CSS to make chat look exactly as you want to
  15. Add your own branding
  16. Single Sign On (Automatically login users that are on your website to chat)
  17. highly reliable with 99.99% Uptime
  18. Q&A Mode
  19. Chat Platform APIs ( APIs to send messages, ban users, delete messages)
  20. Download Chat history
  21. Delete All messages
  22. Analytics
  23. Reactions
  24. Webhooks
  25. Secure Chat
  26. Fast Response time
  27. 24x7 Phone and Email support

Steps to add Group Chat to Squarespace

Step 1: Getting Group Chat for Squarespace

In order to add group chat to your Squarespace site we need a group chat software. I recommend going for DeadSimpleChat.

Go to and click on the Get Started button to create a free account

Clicking on the Get Started button lets you create an account. You can create an account by using your email or By signing in using your google account

Create an account DeadSimpleChat
DeadSimleChat sign up options

Step 2 Creating a Chat Room

After creating an account click on the create chat room button on the dashboard to create a chat room

You will land up in the general settings page here you

  1. Name your Chat room
  2. Give a brief description of the chat room
  3. Give an optional logo

Click on the save button to create a chat room

Then you come to general settings where you can customize various features that you want in the chat room

then you can Customize the look and feel of the chat room in the customize section after that click on the Embed Info button to get the embed information

In DeadSimpleChat you can customize the chat room experience to match your Squarespace website like for example:

  1. Color of the chat room
  2. Fonts (You can add your custom fonts as well)
  3. Spacing between text
  4. You can translate the text to any language
  5. You can enable disable any feature you want to
  6. You can write Custom CSS as well

Make the chat look exactly as you want to and make it look like its part of your website.

deadsimplechat customization
DeadSimpleChat create a chat room

On the dashboard you can see the analytics of the chat room.

You can see how many visitors were there on all your chat rooms including the ones that you added to your Squarespace website

On the left hand side you can see options like

  1. Chat Rooms
  2. Moderators
  3. Settings
  4. Plans and Pricing
  5. Developer

In the Chat room section you can create new chat rooms and you can see a list of chat rooms that you have created.

In the moderators section you can create moderators that can moderate chat on your Squarespace website.

Moderators can login to the chat directly on your Squarespace website and moderate chat using tools like

  1. Ban users
  2. Delete Messages

Step 3 Get the Embed Information

On the Embed information page you get the embed iframe. You can customize the height and width of the chat room.

There are pre defined sizes as well such as

  1. large
  2. small
  3. custom

The size of the chat room would automatically adjust according to the screen size on your Squarespace website

So if you added a large size chat room on your Squarespace website it would automatically adjust to smaller screen size on a mobile device

You can also customize whether you want an

  1. iframe
  2. Chat bubble

Once you have selected the height and width of the chat room according to your website.

Note: The embed information can also be found in if you scroll down in the customization section

Copy the code so that we can paste it in the Squarespace website

Step 4 Open the Squarespace website

Open the Squarespace website and click on the edit template button to edit your template.

Edit button is on the top left hand side as shown in the image below

SquareSpace page

Step 5: Find a section where  you want to add the chat room

On you Squarespace website find a section where you want to add the chat

It is where you want to build a community or if you are live streaming preferable next to your video stream.

You can even add the chat inside a login screen so that only logged in users can view the chat room

and then click on the + sign that opens a box like this one as shown in the image below

Add a block to Squarespace website 

Step 6: Click on the Squarespace add block to add code block to your section

After opening the add block section search for the code block to add code block where you want the chat to appear.

Note: Do not click on the embed block as it will add the chat on your Squarespace site but will not let you interact with the chat

Code Block on Squarespace website

Step 7: Add embed code in the code block

Add the DeadSimpleChat embed code that you copied in the step 3 to the code block.

Now you have added Group Chat to your Squarespace website

Final Result:



In this article we learnt about how to add Group Chat to a Squarespace website.

Let me know if this article helped you in the comment section below