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The Chat Platform for Live Events

Dead Simple Chat

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Highly Scalable Chat

With Plans for up to 10 million online simultaneous users DeadSimpleChat is perfect for live events.
Unlimited rooms, White label, Highly customizable chatroom to suite the look and feel of your website.

Highly scalable chat | DeadSimpleChat
live stream next to youtube, vimeo video | DeadSimpleChat

Easily Embeddable next to a YouTube or Vimeo live video stream

You can easily embed DeadSimple Chat next to a live video stream on your website

Powerful Moderation features.

With features like Multiple Moderators, Pre-approving chat messages before they appear in chat, ability to kick, ban users and delete messages from chat.

moderate chat rooms| Dead Simple Chat
single sign on | Dead Simple Chat

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users that are logged in your website will automatically be logged into the chat with our SSO API.
We have a whole suite of API’s for live events.

- Dana Dobson

CEO at

Hundreds of tutors and students come to our site every day. We needed a chat app for community building on our website, Dead Simple Chat was a perfect solution with features like Moderation, kick and ban, ability to export the transcripts were very useful.

- Mike Jamieson

Day trader and stock advisor

We needed a chat application where traders can come and provide tips and strategies and learn from each other. Dead Simple Chat has been very good in this respect.

Download Chat history.

The super admin has the ability to download the chat history from any chatroom.

Ban Bad words.

You can create custom Bad words and ban them from being used in a chatroom.

Chat Platform APIs

We have APIs for all major functionality in chat including Moderation, creating chat rooms, Ban and kick users etc. We have extensive API documentation as well.

Ability to Add Custom CSS

We offer ability to add custom CSS to your chatroom, and this allows endless customization of the chatroom interface and allow you to edit the chat box size, color, theme, background, show and hide profile picture etc.

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