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Chat Platform for Virtual Live Events and Online Groups.

White-Label and Customizable Chat

Easily embed next to video stream

Q&A mode and File Sharing

Private Chat and Channels

A.I powered explicit image filtering

GDPR Compliant

Dead Simple Chat Features

Explore the features below. All the features are carefully crafted for Live events and Online Group Chats.

Add Chat next to Live Stream

Embed Chat besides your live stream easily and is optimized to handel large number of users and have powerful moderation features.

1-1 Private chat

When enabled, the participants can have 1 to 1 chat with one another.

1-1 Moderator – Participant/Attendee Chat

Allow 1 to 1 Chat only between Moderator and Attendees. Attendees and Moderators can chat with one another, but attendees cannot chat among themselves privately.

Channels / Sub-rooms / Booths

Create sub-rooms for specific topics/ discussions. Participants can conduct 1 to 1 chat with moderators about specific topics. This can also function as different booths in live events like General discussion, specific topic 1, specific topic 2 etc.

Easily Customizable

Extensive customization can be done using our UI based customization tool. From font-size, background color, text color, even the smallest details can be customized to suit your website and live event.

Translate chat interface into multiple languages

Using our language translation tool you can translate the chat into any language you want or even into multiple languages.

Image sharing

If enabled by the admin, users can share images in Dead Simple Chat. Images are automatically filtered for profanity using A.I.

Files Sharing

If enabled by the admin, users can share files in the chat.

API Integration

Integrate Chat with your website completely by using Chat Platform API. Api to create chatroom, Create Moderators and automatically login users to chatroom and many others.

Single Sign ON/ SSO

Automatically Login users to your chat that have logged in to your website with SSO functionality. Our SSO functionality works with any website HTML or any other CMS like WordPress, Wix or Joomla etc


Create multiple moderators for the same chat room. Moderators can

  • Delete Messages
  • Ban Users
  • In Q&A mode approve/disapprove messages before they appear in the chat

Q&A Mode /Pre-Moderated Chat Mode

In Q&A mode all the messages are first sent to moderators for approval. Only after being approved by the moderator, the message appears in the chat room.

Write Custom CSS

Dead Simple Chat offers even more customization with Custom CSS. Write your own Custom CSS Code to make the chat look exactly the way you want it. For that perfect look and feel. Refer to our custom CSS guide

Highly Reliable with 99.9% uptime

Dead Simple Chat is extremely reliable with 99.99 % server uptime. We understand that chat is critical to our customers' success and we treat it that way.

Highly Scalable Chat

With plans of up to 10 million online users, Dead Simple Chat is incredibly scalable.

Servers in USA and Canada

We are based in Canada. All the server infrastructure and data are stored in North America. Dead Simple Chat works with any website.

Phone and Email support

With Dead Simple Chat, you get Phone and email support. You can email us as well as call us if you need any help and our representatives would be happy to help you out.

Works on any Website

  • Plain HTML website
  • Wix site
  • Joomla
  • Webapp(React, Angular Web Application)
  • iPhone and Android
  • Basically, anything that supports an iframe

Works on mobile devices

Dead Simple Chat works on iPhone and Android mobile devices as well as on iPad.

Password Protected Chat

You can password protect your chat. So that only the users with the password will be able to access the chat.

A.I powered Explicit Image Filter

A.I powered image filter scans each uploaded image for explicit content and automatically prevents the user from uploading such image.

Delete ALL Messages

Delete all messages in the chatroom with the click of a button.

Ability to switch off chat remotely

Switch On and OFF the chat remotely with the click of a button.

Download Chat history.

The admin can download the chat history from any chatroom.

Un-opinionated Chat

By default, all the features of the chat are OFF. You can turn ON the features you need and let the features you don't need to be turned off.

  • If you don’t want users to share images, simply don’t turn on image sharing.
  • Don’t want users to do 1-1 private chat among themselves, don’t turn on 1-1 chat.


"Dead Simple Chat was the perfect solution to add more fan engagement into our live virtual event. The support team was incredibly responsive and collaborative, and worked with us to build a custom plan that integrated seamlessly into our existing platform."

Amanda Marcotullio
Marketing Manager, ESPN.

"I recommend this service if you need to plug-in a reliable live chat service for a sizeable online event. Whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 simultaneous chat users. In my experience, this service works as advertised."

“Dead Simple Chat lives up to its name — and that’s a good thing! We had a tight deadline for a one-day event, with Dead Simple Chat, we were up and running instantly, and able to easily make it work exactly how we needed it to."

Justin Woods
Director of Digital Distribution. Hope Channel International, Inc.

"I've recommended it to others, and looked long and hard for something like Dead Simple Chat-it's head and shoulders in every way above everything we've found!"

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