Security at Dead Simple Chat

Last Modified: Feb 10, 2021

Dead Simple Chat Chats are encrypted and secure. We have focused on security and privacy from day one, so you can trust that your chats and data are always protected.

Encrypted transmission of Chats

REST API secure with SSL/TLS

All the Dead Simple Chat endpoints are secure using SSL/TLS encryption, so all the data sent between the client and the Dead Simple Chat server is encrypted.

Secure Web Sockets

Dead Simple Chat uses Secure Web Sockets for the Real-time transmission of chats, with secure web sockets all the messages that are transmitted between the client and the server are encrypted, thus immune to the man-in-the-middle attacks.

We support only secure HTTPS connections not HTTP so that the data is encrypted.

100% Compliant with GDPR.

We are one hundred percent GDPR Compliant. Here is our Data Protection Agreement and Privacy Policy..

Infrastructure located only in U.S and Canada

Our primary and primary fallback servers are located in Canada, all secondary fallback servers are present in the U.S apart from this we do not have server is any other location.

Chat Messages are never shared with any 3rd party

The Chat Messages are never shared with any 3rd Party Services and is never used for adverting or marketing purposes.

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