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Multiple Chat Rooms and Group Chat.

With Dead Simple Chat you can have multiple chat rooms on your website and also easily conduct Group Chats

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Password protect your rooms and Private Chat.

Easily password protect your chat rooms with Dead Simple Chat.
Also conduct private chat with private chat rooms.


Easily Kick, Ban and moderate users with Dead Simple Chat.

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- Jeff Dobson

CEO at

Dead Simple Chat as the name suggests, is the easiest and the simplest way to create Group Chats. Way better than anything we have tried.

- Mike Jamieson

Associate Professor at Pertosa High School

This chat app is really awesome, easy to use interface and awesome support from the team. We use it across the school and our teachers as well as students love it.

Free and Open Source

We offer free plans and also have an open source version you can host yourself.

Highly Scaleable

Highly optimised, Scalable and built with latest technologies like HTML5, NodeJS and Websockets. .


Simple to use and Easy to Integrate chat on your website.


Secure with SSL and Encryption.

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