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Embed Online Group Chat
for Website and Live Events.

#1 Way To Add Online Group Chat
to your Website.


Live Events Chat for up to Unlimited Users.

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Multiple Chat rooms | Dead Simple Chat
Multiple Chat rooms | Dead Simple Chat
Multiple Chat rooms | Dead Simple Chat

- Justin Woods

Director of Digital Distribution
Hope Channel International, Inc.

“Dead Simple Chat lives up to its name — and that’s a good thing! We had a tight deadline for a one-day event, and all of the other chat services we looked at were far too opinionated to work for us. With Dead Simple Chat, we were up and running instantly, and able to easily make it work exactly how we needed it to."

- Bence Bordas

Director of marketing, HAVASI Entertainment.

"I recommend this service if you need to plug-in a reliable live chat service for a sizeable online event. Whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 simultaneous chat users. In my experience, this service works as advertised."

- John Allsopp

Founder. Web Directions conferences

"I've recommended it to others, and looked long and hard for something like Dead Simple Chat-it's head and shoulders in every way above everything we've found!"

Group Chat, 1-1 Chat, Channels/ Sub-Rooms

Conduct Group Chats. Plus 1 -1 chat with participants.
Easily create Channels/Sub-rooms within chatrooms for specific topics.
Create different booths in Live Events, like Lobby, General Discussion etc

Multiple Chat rooms | Dead Simple Chat

CSS Customization

Customize the look of your chatroom exactly how you want, with our easy to use CSS Customization tool-kit.
Plus with Custom CSS option, you can even write custom CSS for your chat-room.
Watch the video to learn more.


Easily Kick, Ban and moderate users with Dead Simple Chat.
Conduct Moderator only 1-1 Chat with participants. Assign Multiple moderators to Chatrooms.

moderate chat rooms| Dead Simple Chat

Q&A Mode / Pre-Moderated Chat.

With Q&A Mode participants can ask questions for Moderators to answer.
Question and answer appear in the chatroom only after approval by the moderator.


White Label and custom chat.

Add Chat with your branding and design to match your website:
You can easily customize Dead Simple Chat, with your own custom logo, theme and branding.

Download Chat history.

The admin can download the chat history from any chatroom.

Ban Bad words.

Use our list of pre-defined bad words OR You can create custom Bad words and ban them from being used in a chatroom.

Chat Platform APIs

We have APIs for all the major functionalities in chat including Moderation, creating chat rooms, Ban and kick users etc. We have extensive API documentation as well.

Ability to Add Custom CSS

We offer the ability to add custom CSS to your chatroom, and this allows for endless customization of the chatroom's interface and allows you to edit the chatbox size, colour, theme, background, show and hide chatbox elements etc.

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