How to add Embedded chat box widget on your website
Embedding Chat Box on Website

How to add Embedded chat box widget on your website

Dead Simple Chat Team

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With Online communities and live events on the rise an embedded chat box on your website is essential for community building and audience engagement

with this understanding let us learn more about the chat box and its importance in community engagement

Embedded Chat Widget

What is an embedded chat box widget?

An embedded group chat widget is a chat box that is on your website.

Chat box is a part of your website where your website visitors and community audiences can interact with each other and with the website and event organizer

An embedded chat box can be added to your website and made to exactly match how your website looks and feels

Benefits of Embedded  chat box widget on your website

There are many benefits of having an embedded chat widget on your website. here I have listed some of the important benefits

  1. Build Trust
  2. Eliminate guesswork
  3. Get feedback
  4. Engage your audience
  5. Gauge Satisfaction
  6. Ask survey questions
  7. Conduct Q&A sessions

How to Embed DeadSimpleChat box widget on your website

Embedding a Chat Box on your website is a simple thing to do. Here are the steps

Table of Contents

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the Get Started button to create a free account

Step 3: On the Dashboard click on the Create Chat room button

Step 4: Customize the chat room to your liking

Step 5: Click on the Embed code section

Step 6: Copy the Embed code

Step 7: Paste the embed code on your website where you want to embed the chat

Now you have a embedded chat widget on your website

Step 1: Go to


Dead Simple Chat is a chat for community and live events.

All the features are designed for live and virtual events and community. You can create a free account to test out all the features Dead Simple Chat has to offer

Here are some of the features:

  • Up to 10 million concurrent users
  • Ability to  customize the look of the chat
  • Add Chat next to your live stream
  • Image Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Moderation
  • ban users
  • delete messages
  • create multiple moderators
  • Secure chat with TLS
  • Customize Chat
  • Write your own CSS
  • Phone and email support
  • Download Chat history
  • API for chat ( send chat, create moderators and many more via api)
  • Chat Analytics

Step 2: Create a free account

On the DeadSimpleChat website click on the Get Started button to create a free account.

A free account comes with all the features of DeadSimpleChat and 20 participants which is good for a small event.

You can purchase more users if you want DeadSimpleChat supports upto 10 million online users

When you create an account the chat first takes you to the Dashboard

There you can create a chat room and look at the analytics dashboard

Analytics dashboards also shows you how many chat room visitors you have and how many chat room visitors over the past month and on different events that you have

Step 3 Creating a chat  room

Once you create an account you land on the dashboard

On the dashboard there is a create chat room button click on it to create a chat room.

You can also create a chat room by clicking on the chat rooms button on the left hand side section

click on the create chat room button and then it goes to

general section

Where you can give a name to your chat room

Give a description to your chat room (optional)

give a logo to your chat room (optional)

  1. Room ID
  2. Name
  3. Description
  4. Logo
  5. Ability to like / React to messages
  6. Q&A mode / Pre-moderated chat room
  7. Sub Chat Room / Channels
  8. File and Image Sharing
  9. 1-1 Chat (Private Chat)
  10. Default Enable message notifications and sound
  11. Password protect chat room
  12. Export all messages
  13. Export All files
  14. Delete all messages
  15. Delete chat room

Step 4: Customize the chat room to your liking

Then click on the customize section

You can customize the chat using the UI interface, for even more customizations you can even write you own custom CSS

If you scroll down you can see the embed instruction to add chat to your website

then click on the translate tab to translate the chat or change the headings to what you want

Embed info section also provides information about the embed information to embedded chat box on your website

Step 5: Click on the Embed code section

Clicking on the embed section gives you the code for the embed section.

Here you can change the size of the chat room and customize the how the chat room looks

there are three options here


small and


you can also have chat bubble as well as chat added to your website

refer to the image below for details


Create Moderators

You can create multiple moderators who moderate the chat can talk with your audiences, delete messages and ban unruly visitors

to create a moderator go to

Dashboard -> Moderators

Set the username of the moderator

set a password for the moderator

and assign chat rooms to the moderator, you can assign a single chat room to a moderator or you can assign multiple chat rooms to a single moderator

and click on the save button

note: You can also create moderators using the chat platform APIs

Using APIs

DeadSimpleChat Developer Docs 

Dead Simple Chat comes with APIs. With APIs you can use all the features of DeadSimpleChat programatically

So you can

  • send a message
  • Create a Moderator
  • Login the users
  • Customize the chat room and more

Using Single Sign On

Single Sign On is an awesome tool that comes with DeadSimpleChat

With SSO you can automatically sign in users that are on your website or app into DeadSimpleChat without them noticing anything

It makes it look like chat is really a part of your website and not some thing you have added from outside.

You can learn more about SSO here:

Using Webhooks

DeadSimpleChat Webhooks
DeadSimpleChat Webhooks

You can enable webhooks for your account

Webhooks will be sent for various actions that happen in the chat room you can enable web hooks to listen to a host of pre defined actions in the chat room

First you will have to set up the Web hook url that is the url where the webhook will be sent

Adding Custom Branding

You can add your own branding to DeadSimpleChat to do this go to

Dashboard-> Settings -> Branding

Add your custom brand name (optional)

Add your logo (optional)

Your brand name and logo will appear at the header of the chat room

Using Profanity Filter

There is an automatic Image sharing profanity filter that is built into DeadSimpleChat, it checks for profanity and does not allow anyone to upload images that are not suitable

You can also enable profanity filter to filter out bad words, you can select from our pre filled list of words or you can add your own words

To enable profanity filter go to

Dashboard -> Settings -> Profanity filter


In this article we have explained hot to add an embedded chat box on your website

and what are the main benefits of having a embedded chat box on your website

I hope this article was informative

Have a chat embedded on your website create a platform for you to communicate with your audiences

Chat also increases engagement and create a sense of belonging among participants

Dead Simple Chat is a truly a chat that is designed for Live streaming. virtual events and community