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Get Chat Room Conversations

Chat Room Conversations are 1-1 Message Conversations created in the chat room. This endpoint returns the list of 1-1 Message Conversations.<private_key>

The auth query parameter is your private key. You can find it in your Dashboard under Developer -> Private Key.

Send HTTP GET Request to fetch the list of 1-1 Conversations created in the chat room.

Query Parameters

ParameterDescriptionData Type
authGo to Dashboard -> Developer -> Private Key is your authString

Path Parameters

ParameterDescriptionData Type
roomIdThe unique identifier for the chat roomString


Following user properties are sent if available:

  • email
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • profilePic
  • uniqueUserIdentifier

Success: 200

"conversationId": "65a54d85ca5c521b1a7595c7",
"roomId": "G1M_aMHjR",
"memberOne": {
"_id": "648e211a81cea20bd8b1581d",
"username": "sam"
"memberTwo": {
"_id": "65a54d70ca5c521b1a759564",
"username": "bob",
"uniqueUserIdentifier": "guest_647474e3-f315-42d6-9396-57dec233194b"

Bad Request: 400

"success": false,
"message": "error message"

Example Request

  • This example demonstrates a curl request to get chatroom conversations.
  • The roomId is set to 'G1M_aMHjR'.
  • The private key (used for auth) is set to '32326a74704a39394d676d2d3872315f78545f38435f656f6c554a325842776341754f4b4f41336c743335774b344361'.
curl -X GET ""