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What are Chat Bots & What can you build with them?

In this guide we will learn how can you create Chat Bots in DeadSimpleChat and what can you do with them.

What are Chat Bots?

DeadSimpleChat offers a robust bot integration feature that enhances the chat experience by automating interactions and facilitating various tasks within the chat room. With the capability to trigger bots via specific actions or mentions, DeadSimpleChat bots are designed to be interactive, responsive, and customizable.

Triggering Mechanisms

  • Mention-Based Trigger: Activate your bot by simply mentioning its name in the chat room.
  • New Message Trigger: Set your bot to respond whenever a new message is sent in the chat.

Webhook Notifications

When a bot is triggered, DeadSimpleChat sends a webhook to a specified URL, allowing for real-time communication and seamless interaction between the chat room and your backend.

Upon receiving the webhook you can use the BOT API to send reply to the message that triggered the bot.


The DeadSimpleChat Bot API provides the flexibility to send messages into the chat room directly from your bot. Messages can include text, images, or even action buttons for an interactive experience.

Action Buttons

Enhance bot messages with actionable buttons that users can press. When an action button is pressed, a webhook is triggered, notifying which button was pressed and by whom, allowing for sophisticated, user-specific actions and workflows.

Use Cases

AI Chat Bot using ChatGPT API

You can easily integrate the AI Chat bots, you can ask the question to the bot, the bot will trigger the webhook, on backend you can query the Chat GPT API, to query the AI model and send the response via Bot API.

Customer Service:

Automate FAQs and direct customers to the appropriate support channels.

Notification Hub:

Keep your team updated with real-time notifications from various integrated services.

Interactive Polls and Surveys:

Collect user input through action buttons.

Workflow Automation:

Initiate and manage workflows right within your chat room.