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replyChannelMessage(messageId, channelId, message);

Call this method to reply to a Channel Message.


sdk.replyChannelMessage(messageId, channelId, message);

replyChannelMessage(messageId, ChannelId, message);

messageIdThe id of the message that you want to reply toString
channelIdThe id of the channel that you want to send the messageString
messagethe message that you want to send as a replyString


_idThe id of the reply message that you sentString
likesArray of likes that the message receivedArray
createdthe date and time when the reply message was createdString
userthe user objectObject
channelchannel id to which the reply message was sentString
messagethe message that was sent as a replyString
repliedToThe message object to which this reply was sentString


This method provides no response