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Create User

Create User

This endpoint allows you to create a Chat Room User or a Chat Room Moderator, this API returns an accessToken for the user, which you can pass to the Chat Room to join the user to the Chat Room, refer the SSO using Auth Token Guide to learn more about how to implement it.

Create UsersDescription
authstringAPI Private Key
chatRoomstringroomId of the chatRoom you want to link the user to. When creating a moderator if chatRoom is passed then the user will be the moderator of the specified chatRoom, if chatRoom is not specified then the user will be the moderator of all the chatRooms
externalUserIdnumberstringUserId from your database you want to associate the user
isModeratorbooleandefault: false-If true the user will be the moderator of the chatRoom
emailstringEmail address you want to associated with the user
profilePicstringURL of the profile pic you want to associate with the user, the URL should be https
metastringAny metadata you want to pass to the user
usernamestringusername of the user




"username": "jon",
"userId": "6141fd87c3b6750317d04f64",
"isModerator": true